NW Tune-Up Code of Conduct

The NW Tune-Up would like to create an enjoyable and safe experience for all attending our event, both on the waterfront festival grounds and on Galbraith Mountain.  We recommend that guests be ready to display their digital ticket and/or wrist bands to venue officials to verify their attendance. Additionally, guests can be asked for proper ID at any time by servers or security in order to possess or be served alcohol. Guests who demonstrate inappropriate or disruptive behavior, including, but not limited to the following are subject to being removed from the premises:

  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Obscene, offensive or abusive language or actions
  • Fighting, taunting, or threatening remarks or gestures
  • Dangerous, abusive, profane or illegal behavior
  • Unruly or inconsiderate behavior
  • Indecent exposure or undressing
  • Wearing obscene, offensive or indecent clothing
  • Interfering with security procedures
  • Interfering with a performance/ game / event; going onto the biking/ performance surface or throwing any object onto the biking/ performance surface or on the venue premises.
  • Flying a Drone.
  • Selling tickets or other merchandise on venue property
  • Handing out goods or literature not pre-approved by the NW Tune-Up
  • Any attempt to bring prohibited items into the venue
  • Any other conduct that is beyond the bounds of reasonable behavior for attendees attending a music or bike event.

Pat Down Policy

In order to provide a safe environment, you and your belongings may be searched upon entry into the venue. By tendering the ticket and entering the venue, you consent to such searches. If you elect not to consent to searches, you will be denied entry into the venue. The premises may be monitored by video camera, please be aware that your movements may be recorded. There will be male-identified and female-identified searchers working events.  Guests are encouraged to select the line-up and searchers with whom they feel most comfortable. If you have any questions please speak to one of our security staff members for assistance.

No Smoking Policy

In accordance with the Washington State Law, all Northwest Tune-Up venues are non-smoking facilities. As such, guests are not permitted to smoke inside on festival grounds or within the event perimeter unless otherwise stated. This includes e-cigarettes, cannabis and vaporizers.

Cannabis Policy

Guests are not permitted to bring substances that cause intoxication or impairment into the NW-Tune-Up– including alcohol and cannabis. Exceptions will be made for medical cannabis (with appropriate documentation) or other prescription medications. Individuals who have recreational cannabis on their person are encouraged to secure it in their vehicle. Smoking cannabis is prohibited.

NW Tune-Up Prohibited Items:

Guests should be aware that any number of items can be subject to security protocol including search and potential confiscation if warranted.

  • Outside Food & Beverage
  • Masks
  • Bota bags
  • Hula hoops
  • Balloons, balls or inflatables
  • Frisbees
  • Drones
  • Laser pointers
  • Flagpoles or banner poles of any kind
  • Alcoholic beverages of any kind
  • E-Cigarettes and vaporizers
  • Narcotics or other illegal stimulants including paraphernalia
  • Cannabis with the exception of medical cannabis.  Legal documentation required. 
  • Weapons of any kind and or anything that could be used as a weapon or as a projectile
  • Gang affiliated clothing
  • No Glass Bottles of any kind
  • Fireworks, flares, or other pyrotechnics
  • Any animals other than service / support animals.  Legal documentation required.
  • Any promotional or commercial materials not pre-approved by NW Tune-Up management
  • Spray cans, corrosive, flammable substances, dyes or receptacles containing substances which are harmful to health or are highly flammable
  • Mechanically-operated instruments which produce an excessive volume of noise such as megaphones, air or gas-powered horns
  • Sound and video recording equipment
  • Computers or other devices used for the purposes of transmitting or disseminating sound, pictures, descriptions or results of the events via the internet or other forms of media (No IPads, Tablets, or Selfie Sticks)