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Free bike shuttles are available for all weekend passholders and valid single-day ticketholders. Shuttles depart the Waterfront Festival Grounds every 15 minutes, taking cyclists and their bikes (including e-bikes) to Galbraith Mountain and Chuckanut Mountain. Adaptive bike shuttles to Galbraith and various gravel trails are available on-site from the AIROW Project.

Shuttle times

  • First shuttle departs festival grounds at 10:00 AM

  • Last shuttle departs festival grounds at 5:00 PM

  • Last shuttle departs trailhead parking lots at 5:30 PM

  • Reminder: demo bikes due back to Exhibitor Village by 5 PM

We will be running 5 shuttle vans every day of the festival from 10 AM – 5:30 PM in 15-minute intervals. Shuttle frequency will be limited between 12 – 1:15 PM to accommodate lunch breaks for drivers.

Each shuttle can fit approximately 10 people and their bikes. You must have a valid festival pass to use the shuttles. (Twilight tickets not eligible for bike amenities.) We recommend you plan a ride before you get on a shuttle to ensure you get on the correct shuttle and maximize your time on the trail. Not every shuttle goes to every trailhead.

If you miss the last returning shuttle from the trailheads at 5:30 PM, you will be responsible for finding your own way back to the festival grounds. We recommend you plan to return on a shuttle prior to 5:30 PM in case the last shuttle is full.

Shuttling with a bike demo?

Bike demos must be returned to the Exhibitor Village by 5 PM. Please plan your rides and shuttles accordingly. We recommend that demoers are on a return shuttle no later than 4 PM to ensure they return their bike in time.

Bike demoers are expected to utilize the free NW Tune-Up shuttles. Driving your own vehicle to/from the trailhead with a demo bike is not allowed by bike vendors.

Alternatively, you're welcome to pedal from the NW Tune-Up Festival Grounds to any local trail you wish.

Shuttles for adaptive cyclists

We’ve partnered with Bellingham-based AIROW Project to offer adaptive bike shuttles to Galbraith trailhead and various gravel trails. Visit their website and stop by their tent in the NW Tune-Up Exhibitor Village to learn more about their adaptive shuttles and inclusive group rides during the festival.

Shuttle stops

Bike shuttles make up to 3 stops: the Waterfront Festival Grounds, Soutside Galbraith Parking Lot (S. Samish Way) and Lost Lake Trailhead Parking (Clayton Beach).

However, each shuttle does not stop at every stop. Most morning and afternoon shuttles are out-and-back shuttles from a single parking lot/trailhead (Southside Galbraith > Waterfront Festival Grounds OR Lost Lake Trailhead Parking > Waterfront Festival Grounds).

A number of afternoon shuttles stop at both trailhead locations, so please have patience as these shuttles take longer to complete.

Southside Galbraith Trailhead (S. Samish Way)

Galbraith Mountain is the most popular bike zone in Bellingham, with over 65 miles of singletrack to pick from. Most climbs are via the network of fire roads, with many drop-in points to flowy trails than span all skill levels.

It takes approximately 12.5 minutes to get to/from the Southside Galbraith Trailhead from the Waterfront Festival Grounds, not including bike load/unload time.

Click here to explore Galbraith Mountain on Trailforks.

Lost Lake Trailhead (Clayton Beach)

The Lost Lake Trailhead services the Chuckanut trails from the south side. These trails are filled with old growth forests and wind in and out of Larabee State Park. Expect bigger climbs with great views and more technical trails.

It takes approximately 16.5 minutes to get to/from the Lost Lake Trailhead from the Waterfront Festival Grounds, not including bike load/unload time.

Click here to explore on Trailforks.

Click here to explore Chuckanut Mountain on Trailforks.

Shuttle providers

Thanks to our shuttle providers Dig Deep Tours, Huckwagons, Intrinsic Flow, Transcadia Excursions and Team Dirt.

The NW Tune-Up shuttles are sponsored by Irena Lambrou of John L, Scott Real Estate.