Kids on Bikes

Our children are the future and the ones who’ll be shaping our world in the years to come—which means it’s imperative to start them off right, with a love and appreciation for the outdoors. The Northwest Tune-Up is a family friendly event, with no shortage of ways to get the next generation excited about bikes, nature and community.

Races Demos

Kids Waterfront Push Bike Race 

Registration Opens March 14th

Push bikes provide the foundation for riding bikes and the confidence to do so without training wheels, while introducing youngsters to racing instills values of good sportsmanship in a light-hearted format. Spectators and family can watch the fun unfold in a safe and controlled environment on the kids section of the waterfront pumptrack. Cheer on the next generation with this fun, family event.


Kids Jump Clinic & Jam at Cedar Dust

Registration Opens March 14th

Learn the fundamentals of jumping on Galbraith Mountain’s newly developed progressive jump line. Start small and work up to the bigger lines with a clinic guided by some of the area’s best coaches. Whether you are just starting to take flight, or have the desire to hone your existing skills, the Kids Jump Clinic & Jam provides a stage for progression. Join in on the fun or watch the next generation spread their wings.